Simply brilliant gnocchi

Boil 500g brushed potatoes until cooked. Drain, as soon as you can, and put through a mouli or potato ricer ( or use a masher ) while still warm.

Add 150g plain flour, 1 egg, season well.

Flour a work surface, divide dough into four equal pieces, shape each piece into a long|roughly square stick, about 1cm thick and cut into cubes. Put these on floured grease proof paper on a tray.

Make your sauce by halving 1kg of vine-ripened tomatoes and squeezing out seeds. Chop coarsley.

Soften 1 large onion, chopped, in 70g butter and 70ml extra-virgin oilve oil. Add a pinch of salt, the tomatoes and cook until they soften and oil seperates and comes to the top.

Cook gnocchi in large pot of boiling water. They are cooked when they rise and float on the surface ( 5 minutes ).

Drain, add them to the sauce and finish with 25 shredded basil leaves.

Top with grated mozzarella or torn pieces of Italian buffalo mozzarella and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.


Recipe from: The Herald Sun

Tuesday February 5th 2005

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