Flavorite Growers

Flavorite Tomatoes are Australia’s number one premium wholesale tomato producer.  Growers who choose to market under the Flavorite Brand are able to access Flavorite growing recipes and techniques. They can visit the packing shed to view and discuss the market requirements for the premium greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums to better understand the processes needed to meet the Quality Assurance Standards of today’s market.

Flavorite growers are a strong and cohesive group with the quality aspirations that make them leaders in their field.  By working together, sharing information and using Flavorite’s international connections they are ensuring they will continue to lead the way in greenhouse production in Australia.

The Future for Flavorite

Flavorite is focused on perpetual development which is evident in all aspects of business operations. With the company expected to grow to 32 Ha within the next 5 years, Flavorite’s management team will be investing their time and energy into researching & applying new methodologies to its processes.

The existing workforce is expected to double by 2016 from 200 to 400 employees resulting in many job opportunities becoming available to the local community. As with any growing business, career development will play a key role for those seeking advancement. Our senior management team are committed to providing learning opportunities to encourage the continual growth of staff knowledge in the horticultural industry.

Part of developing staff knowledge involves enlisting the assistance of international horticultural industry specialists and consultants from areas such as Holland and New Zealand.  With Flavorite’s specialist growers benefiting from this international exposure, Flavorite is on the path to becoming an elite front runner in the protected cropping industry within the Australasian region.

Flavorite is constantly reviewing its product mix to ensure that it keeps in step with consumer needs. In order to achieve Flavorite’s goal of great tasting produce, new varieties of tomatoes & capsicums are trialled, tested & tasted. These trials assist Flavorite to keep up with the ever changing produce market.

Flavorite will continue to develop new techniques that will further the company’s ability to perform its main functions. Our key service departments are persistent in their vision to implement new advancement within their respective industries.  This allows Flavorite to benefit from leading edge technology.

Throughout Flavorite’s growth one thing will remain a constant & that is our commitment to provide consumers with sustainably friendly, great tasting produce