Simple tomato jam

1.5 Kg Flavorite tomatoes. The tomato must be plump, ripe and firm.

600g sugar

3 lt water

1 Cinnamon quill

Juice of 1 lemon

Peels of 3 lemons

Dip the tomatoes in boiling water, enough time just to peel them easily.

Cut each one in eight slices. Take to the heat the water, sugar, cinnamon and the lemon juice and peels. Let it boil to obtain nice thick syrup. Add the tomato and let it simmer five minutes on low heat. Place the tomato bits in sterliized jars. Take the lemon peels and cinnamon quill out of the syrup and pour the syrup over thr tomato in the jars. Close hermetically removing the air and sterilize for 15 minutes in boiling water.

Serve with home made bread toasts, on scones, pancakes etc . .

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