Sardine and fresh tomato pasta


Preparation:10 mins

Cooking: 10 mins

500g tortiglioni pasta (or other short pasta)

1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil

1 large clove garlic, chopped finely

500g ripe Flavorite tomatoes, chopped coarsley

2 x 105g cans sardines in oil, drained

1/2 cup lightly packed fresh basil leaves

1. Cook the pasta in a large frying pan of boiling salted water until just tender. Reserve 1/4 cup 60ml cooking liquid; drain pasta, return to pan.

2. Meanwhile, warm olive oil in a medium frying pan, add garlic and cook gently until softened but not brown.

3. Add the chopped tomato, cook, stirring gently, until the tomato begins to soften.

4. Add sardines to the pan, stir until heated through. Toss sardine mixture with pasta, basil leaves and reserved cooking liquid.

5. Serve immediately.

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